Hear-True Wireless HearBuds

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✅ Seniors friendly wireless earbuds at an affordable price 
✅ Simple setup - no complicated instructions or apps to install 
✅ Hear conversations better by making/receiving calls using your wireless earbuds 
✅ Ships from the US - get your package in 3 days or less!

Hear-True Wireless HearBuds are made for seniors just like you. Two simple steps to setup and you can say goodbye to annoying wires forever. Hear phone conversations better than you have in years since you can make and receive calls straight from your Hear-True Wireless HearBuds. Pair it with the Smarter Fit Tracker to give yourself the added motivation to keep active.

  • 8mm speaker unit and light and elastic composite diaphragm for thicker base and more vibrant treble

  • 60 degree fit for maximum wear comfort

  • 2-3 hours of playing time, 1-2 hours for charge, 120 hours of standby time

  • Double noise reduction design to filter ambient sound

  • Automatically pair with your device using Bluetooth v5.0 for stronger connection, lower power consumption and connection distance up to 10m

  • Works with iOS and Android phones, in addition to any others supporting Bluetooth

  • 4cm long x 1.8cm wide (case is 5.4cm long x 4.5cm wide)


Your order includes:

  • 1 x left wireless earbud, 1 x right wireless earbud, rechargeable carrying case, charger and instruction manual

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