Finally, an affordable fitness tracker with all the bells and whistles

Could This Fitness Tracker be Better than the Leading Brands, and at a Fraction of the Price??

Can you really get a great fitness tracker with blood pressure monitoring and heart rate tracking for under $100? Actually, Now You Can, and For Way Less... 

Let’s be honest, owning a fitness tracker is pretty cool. 

But they're pricey. Most fitness trackers range from $80 for a modest tracker to $250 for ones that can tell you the weather and barometric pressure outside. Apple’s fitness watches can go for $400-$600+. 

Is it possible that a smart watch designed to remind you to exercise and track your activity is worth paying that much? Most likely not. 

There is an alternative. An innovative new model called the Intelligent Fit Tracker™ claims to have all the incredible features and information you need to achieve your health and fitness goals.

Fitbit, the world's leading fitness tracker manufacturer, has ultra-expensive, $200 products that provide a lot of great functionality, like 24/7 heart rate tracking, built in GPS for pace and distance, sleep tracking and water resistance — so how does the Intelligent Fit Tracker™ , a premium-built, budget-friendly option compare?

When You're on a Budget, Every Dollar Counts...but Quality Still Matters Most.

Just because you’re conservative with your spending doesn't mean you have to skip out on owning a great fitness tracker. The Intelligent Fit Tracker™ is affordably priced and does everything that you need it to do in order to really help you start to improve your health.  

This fitness tracker is literally bursting at the seams with premium features: it can be immersed into a body of water up to a meter deep for half an hour, promises up to 7 days of battery life, and it will track your daily exercise, heart rate activity, blood pressure and sleep patterns. 

It also provides you with message notifications on its easy to read LED display, which is rare at this price point.

Here are just some of the premium features that come standard with the Intelligent Fit Tracker:

   Ultra-Bright LED display with 12 hour time-keeping

   Heart Rate monitoring 

   Blood Pressure monitoring 

   Calories burned tracking 

   Sleep pattern tracking 

   Step and Distance counting 

   Date & Time clock 

   Sedentary warning reminder alerts to get you up and moving

  SMS and incoming call notifications

We love the stylish and sleek design and the silicone adjustable strap is soft and comfortable enough to wear sleeping. 

If you want to personalize your Intelligent Fit Tracker™, you can also purchase a 3-pack of colored replacement bands which come in red, white and navy for just $10.99. 

You even get access to a Free App that lets you monitor all your data from your smart phone or tablet. If you don’t want to use the App with your Intelligent Fit Tracker™, you don’t have to. You can still receive your daily alerts and activity results direct from the fitness tracker. 

I’ve seen lots of expensive fitness trackers, but this Intelligent Fit Tracker™ had a real quality look and feel. I could tell it was carefully constructed with finely joined seams and a bright, clear and easily readable screen. It was really impressive, especially for its affordable price.  

Put simply, there isn't much that the $200 Fitbit can do that the Intelligent Fit Tracker™ can’t do. 

You can answer phone calls on the Apple Smart Watch and text, neither of which you can do with the Intelligent Fit Tracker, but is that really worth the extra $400? Hardly.

The Intelligent Fit Tracker is backed by a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Buy today with confidence knowing that your purchase is 100% risk-free