3 Unique Functions of the ThermoFit Tracker Advanced That Keep You Healthier


Let’s be real: Strapping a piece of electronic jewelry to your wrist won’t make you any more fit or attractive.

Simply counting steps isn’t going to increase anyone’s cardio or melt away the love handles.

But for those willing to pick up the pace, increase the steps, and do the work that fitness trackers are meant to monitor, these high-tech devices can instill the discipline necessary to improve anyone’s health.

Then when you layer on the three unique functions of the ThermoFit Tracker Advanced that we highlight below that most fitness trackers don't have, you can easily understand why it has been gaining popularity rapidly with individuals looking to improve their overall health.

#1. It Lets You Check Your Body Temperature in Seconds

Now that businesses are opening back up all across the country, checking body temperature is becoming part of the normal routine to visit everything from the grocery store to your favorite restaurants.

ThermoFit Tracker Advanced has a built-in thermal sensor which checks the resistance of the skin to a small electrical current in order to measure your body temperature. You can check your body temperature any time you want without having to carry around a thermometer with you, which is important since body temperature fluctuates over the course of the day (it tends to be higher later in the day).

You can save yourself the embarassment of being turned away at the door if your temperature is running a bit high and get checked out immediately.

#2. It Lets You Check Your Heart Rate in Real-Time at the Press of a Button

Keeping tabs on your heart rate is useful, especially in today's environment since it's fairly normal for your heart rate to become elevated when you have a fever (your body's of starting to fight the infection).  In many cases, your heart rate can elevate before you notice any symptoms of illness.

Checking your heart rate is as simple as pressing a button several times with the ThermoFit Tracker Advanced. As you track your heart rate over a period of time, you'll figure out what your normal baseline reading is and become very good at noticing when something's off.

#3. Feel More Energetic by Keeping Track of Your Sleep Patterns

Sleep is truly medicine and we could all use a better night's rest. The key to feeling more energized and getting better sleep, is understanding your sleep habits - both duration and quality.  

The ThermoFit Tracker Advanced helps record when you fall asleep and when you stir in the morning, and detects when you're tossing and turning or waking during the night.

Armed with this information, you can start to take actions (perhaps skipping that afternoon coffee or keeping the screen off a couple hours before going to bed) that help you get better sleep.

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