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Smartwatches Are All The Rage Right Now - This New OshenWatch Makes Your Health The #1 Priority 

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"This new start-up smartwatch certainly gives the industry giants a run for their money" -

For what feels like forever, a handful of giant companies controlled the smartwatch market. They set the prices and kept profiting from customers who didn't have a choice. Now there is a new tech startup that is disrupting the smartwatch industry. 

A company called OshenWatch offers a superior smartwatch at a fraction of the price in an attempt to crush the tech giants.  

What makes the OshenWatch so special?

The OshenWatch is just sleek, modern and stylish without losing the elegance of a classic wristwatch. But far more important than its looks are its functions.

In order to set themselves apart from their competitors in big tech, they made health monitoring a priority on their smartwatch. 

The OshenWatch checks your heart rate, blood pressure, blood oxygen levels and can give you an ECG (Electrocardiogram). This smartwatch can potentially save your life.

Why does OshenWatch focus on ECGs?

"Cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) are the number 1 cause of death globally, taking an estimated 17.9 million lives each year.“ - According to the World Health Organization (click here for reference

CVDs are a silent killer. You may not even know that you have problems until it's too late.

The engineers at OshenWatch knew that they had to make this issue a priority. 

They made sure that at the slightest hint of any discomfort, whether it’s chest pain, tightness, or palpitation, you could: 

  1. Perform an ECG at the touch of a button, 
  2. See the results within a few seconds, and; 
  3. Immediately proceed to seek medical care knowing you reacted on time.

What else can it do?

In addition to all the ordinary functions that any smartwatch has, such as notifications, sleep monitor, step count, call management, etc., OshenWatch keeps you updated about the most important vital signs of your body in real time and helps you keep track of your bodily fitness and emotional balance each day! 

Here is a list of the features:

  • ECG, heart rate & blood pressure monitoring in real time - the #1 priority 
  • Sleep monitor to analyze and improve your sleep patterns 
  • Keep-in-motion reminder
  • Step and distance tracker
  • Professional calorie counterBluetooth calls
  • Smart notifications
  • Remote camera and music controls - never ask strangers for a picture ever again
  • Multiple watch faces 
  • IP67 water resistance - monitor your health while showering or swimming
  • Advanced Li-ion battery for standby times of up to 3-5 days! 
  • iOS & Android compatible  
  • Alarm clock, stopwatch, calculator, calendar, and more 
  • Sleek, modern yet classic design for "timeless" joy

It offers you all the features of a premium smart watch plus the groundbreaking health features at a drastically lower price. 

Monitoring your health doesn't get easier than that!

What are OshenWatch customers saying? 

"I have aquatic therapy 3x per week and am really happy with the quality. Hasn't missed a beat for 6 weeks now. Thumbs up to OshenWatch! Keep up the good work!" - Charles G.   

"I love this smartwatch and am seriously impressed. Now I can keep track of my health and am not so worried all the time." - Tina Y.

"Excellent price. Cozy on the wrist. Looks amazing. An immediate attention grabber too..." - Bud M.

Where can I buy OshenWatch?


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